Monthly Swimming Pool Cleaning Service in Gold River California

Monthly Swimming Pool Cleaning Service’s in Gold River California.

Choosing the best pool cleaning company and pool cleaning service in Gold River can be a hard task. that's why we simplify the process. We have three basic services. Complete | Basic | Chemical Balancing Only.

Our Swimming Pool cleaning Services have been helping people just like you maintain their residential swimming pools in Gold River with little or no effort. You can count on expert our advice and the attention to detail in every pool we maintain. CAL Pools will keep your pool looking perfect pool just for you.

The Complete Cleaning - This a full Pool Cleaning Package which covers service work on everything from pool chemicals to vacuuming and skimming. Four visits per month.

Basic Cleaning  - This similar to our Complete Cleaning except that it does not include cleaning, vacuuming and netting. Two visit per month.

Chemical Balancing - Balancing chemical to water only. Two visit per month.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service Routine Includes:

  • Skim and Scoop Pool or Spa
  • Vacuum Pool When Needed
  • Add Chemicals as Needed
  • Clean Pump Basket and Service Pool/Spa Filter
  • Clean Skimmer Basket and Check Chemicals
  • Brush Pool and Leave Service Card in Skimmer
  • Make Sure Everything is Running Properly
  • Complete a 20 Point Checklist

This weekly service includes one weekly visit: Monday through Friday.
The pool technician will leave a service card, informing you of our visit and service.
Our helpful staff will take care of all of your pool needs.

We provide weekly service to both commercial and residential pools and spas in all of Gold River Valley.

Swimming Pool Chemicals and Water Balancing

Below is a list of the elements we check for one we test your pool. 

  • Chlorine - Sanitizes your swimming pool
  • Chloramines - Build Up in your swimming pool and burn your eyes we test eliminate those
  • PH Potential Hydrogen - we raise or lower this so that its balanced
  • Salt - Added when needed and to keep system balanced
  • TA Total Alkalinity - this stabilizes pH
  • Calcium - This controls water hardness or softness
  • Temperature - Monitor temperature
  • Cyanuric Acid - stabilizer and conditioner in the water
  • TDS Total Dissolved Solids - Impurities in the water

Winter Is Over! Need a Pool Inspection?

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We offer a range of services in Gold River for all your pool cleaning and service needs in Gold River, you can trust the team at CAL Pools with your pool cleaning.

Some of the services In Gold River we offer include:

  • Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning and Repairs
  • Pool Equipment and Repairs
  • Complete Swimming Pool Installation
  • Weekly Monthly Pool Cleaning Service

For more information on our services, please browse through our site or contact us directly at (916) 550-4392 to speak to a member of our pool cleaning team. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have or schedule an Free Pool Inspection Appointment for you.

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