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Welcome to CAL Pools! We Love Keeping You Cool!

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can will provide you with the best professional pool cleaning and top maintenance services you should expect for your pool.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Cal Pool cleaning will make your pool the envy of your friends and family. Our team of professionals will maintain the perfect balance of chemicals for your pool. Protecting your family and bringing your backyard to life. Our service team can make regular checkups or annual inspections and cleanings.

Our Green to Blue Special cleaning will bring your swamp back to the pristine state your family deserves.

Pool Repair

Swimming Pool Equipment Repair in Houston

With years of experience in the pool maintenance and repair industry in Sacramento, we understand the importance of finding an experienced swimming pool technician to service your pool or spa. Whether you need a scheduled weekly or monthly check up on your pool or pool equipment repairs, we are the most trusted company for pool services in Sacramento.

With a central location, we are able to respond quickly to any service requests from Aburn to folsom and Davis we cover the entire Sacramento Valley.

Swiming Pool Equipment Repair – Pool equipment repairs can become very expensive to fix. Whatever type of pool you have, we can handle.

Swiming Pool Water Pump Repair – The pump for the swimming pool’s circulation system

Swiming Pool Heater Repair – During winter, a functioning swimming pool heater is a must. If it needs repair or replacement we can replace it at a low and affordable price.

Pool Cleaner Replacement- We will repair and replace any pool cleaner equipment you have.

Pool Filters Replacement – When your pool filter is damaged or not functioning correctly, it is unable to filter.

Monthly Service

Pool maintenance is an important part of owning a swimming pool. A well maintained swimming pool in Sacramento provides a cool place to relax in hot Sacramento summers.

Maintaining Your Pool

Your swimming pool can be a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria, algae and other contaminants. Whether it’s aboveground or inground, your pool is usually exposed to the elements and other contaminating agents every day. Dirt, dust, microorganisms, animals and swimmers are all things that can cause contamination.
Proper pool maintenance will help protect your pool equipment and ensuring their long life. By making sure that your swimming pool is regularly maintained, you can avoid repair issues that can be expensive.

Know Your Pool Maintenance

Maintaining your swimming pool can be time-consuming, tiring, and costly and that’s dioing it youself. Our reputable pool cleaning and repair service can save you time, effort, and money by making sure that your pool and pool equipment are properly maintained and in good working condition.

Proper maintenance begins with balanced chemicals, specifically the PH or alkalinity levels and chlorine. The PH level of your pool water should be kept at between 7.4-7.6., while the chlorine should be maintained at 1-2 parts per million. Pool maintenance professionals have the knowledge, skills and specialized tools required to ensure a near perfect pool chemical balance.
Among the more typical pool maintenance tasks include skimming and vacuuming. For outdoor pools, skimming should be carried out on a daily basis using a good skimmer basket, which removes floating debris from the pool water’s surface. Vacuuming, on the other hand, is used to remove debris that become water logged and sink to the bottom. It utilizes a special vacuum and can be harder to accomplish compared to skimming.

Tile Cleaning

Swimming pool repair is a general term that can refer to dealing with cracks in the pool walls all the to filter and pump system repair.

Swimming Pool Structural Repair
Fiberglass, concrete, vinyl are the three main types of swimming pool materials. They each have relative advantages and disadvantages.

Concrete pools can become cracked, especially in colder regions.
Vinyl pools are vulnerable to tears in the lining.
Fiberglass is nearly indestructible but can have ugly discoloration.

Swimming Pool Repair – Pumps and Filters
It may not always be clear what isn’t working properly. It’s possible the filter and the pump are working fine, but the problem with your pump or filter can mean nothing more than a clogged or damaged hose. If you can’t identify the problem, you may need to call us, be able to describe the exact symptoms and the model of your filtration system.

Repair or Replace?
You don’t want to spend a bunch of money to repair a piece of your pool when replacing it wouldn’t cost significantly more.

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