Swimming Pool Repair Service in Sacramento

We offer quick response to all of our pool repair customers. We know how important it is to keep your family cool. whether you’re a residential homeowner or a commercial public facility we will treat your property and swimming pool like it was our grandmothers. We offer a large range of repair services in Sacramento. We are trained in all the common brands for swimming pool and spa repair. Call us when your pool is not being cool. ( 916) 550-4392

  • Swimming Pool Equipment Repair Service in Sacramento

    • Experienced in all equipment repairs and everything pool related
    • Equipment leak repairs and troubleshooting
    • Piping and Re-plumbing service lines
    • Pool automation & programming
    • New installations of equipment
    • Calibration for variable and two-speed motors
    • Minor electrical repairs and diagnostics
    • We are on time to all appointments!
  • Surface Tile Deck Repairs in Sacramento California

    • Deck patching and crack repair
    • Pool surface patching and crack repair
    • Replace fallen or missing tiles or coping
    • Repair cracks & areas of missing grout or tile
    • Clean calcium build up off the tiles through bead blasting
    • Tile replacement and installation
  • Swimming Pool Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

    • Leaks finding
    • Pinpoint issues in equipment system
    • Equipment failures
    • Air in lines
    • Valves not set correctly
    • Clogged lines/returns
    • Diagnosing and Identifying error codes on salt water systems, heaters, and pool automation.
    • Plumbing/electrical issues
  • Chlorine Baths Acid Washes for Swimming Pools

    Sometimes the only way to bring a swimming pool back from that dark swampy color is to use chlorine baths and acid washes. Buying these supplies from your local Pool Supply Store can be very expensive. this service is for those of you that have had your pool turn colors on you, we can fix that!

    If necessary we can drain the pool with portable pumps and refill, add start up chemicals. Good As New (Customer will provide water for Refill)

Do You Need a Pool Inspection in Sacramento?