Quality Workmanship Service Guarantee in Sacramento

We provide the service guarantees to assure of our commitment to quality customer service and pool cleaning ethics.

  • Our Pool Cleaning Workmanship Guarantee in Sacramento

    Our guarantee covers the workmanship of our weekly pool cleaning technicians. 100% satisfaction guarantee on both the pool cleaning and the pool maintenance and chemical balance. Our goal is to be your pool cleaning company of choice in Sacramento California. We work hard to provide the best possible pool cleaning and maintenance services and proud stand behind all our work. We also offer additional guarantees on our maintenance and pool cleaning plans for your peace of mind.

  • Water Balance Guarantee - Satisfaction Guarantee

    Customers on either our full or partial pool cleaning service programs are guaranteed that their water will stay balanced or we will correct the problem at no additional charge to them. This guarantee means that as long as the pool was in working order under normal circumstances we will correct the problem free of charge. We take pride in the fact that we provide the best possible natural water.

  • Pool Cleaning Guarantee - Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you find that you are not completely satisfied with the pool cleaning we just did call us within 36 hours of the initial cleaning and we will reclaim your pool for free. Please be sure to call us within the 36 hour period. This will help us diagnose that potential problems and corrected in the future.

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